What are the reasons your business needs a website

The birth of ecommerce has paved the way in having websites as a necessity in doing business. Especially with the unprecedented impact of the pandemic last year, most businesses were forced to shift into doing business transactions online. Even consumer behavior and trends have significantly changed in the digital era. With the massive information readily available in the World Wide … Read More

What are the things to consider when writing website copy

It is undeniable that as website owners, you must keep yourselves abreast of the trends in digital marketing while making sure that such efforts are actually converting into leads.  More than making your products and services known to prospective buyers or casual visitors, your website communicates your brand. A well-crafted presentation wins over some bland compilation of pictures on a … Read More

How to plan and structure your website content

The connection between design and copy and how it catapults engagement on its users must be a top priority of a website owner. As content development continues to evolve so is your website. It must be able to thrive and adapt, not boxed with the conventional. There are a lot of tools which you can use to get started. Planning … Read More

The importance of setting goals for your website and how to set them

Perhaps you might think that website planning does not include setting your goals but apparently this is one of the most important. Building and maintaining a website without clear cut goals may get you in trouble in the long run. It’s easy to get into the habit of just “maintaining” your site. Without specific goals, it’s very difficult to know … Read More

How To Successfully Launch Your Ecommerce Website

The breakthrough of ecommerce paved the way for many online businesses to become household names. If before, the only way to shop is through the traditional way which means going to the physical store to actually buy a product, now, through ecommerce you can shop ‘til you drop from practically wherever you are through your gadgets.  What is ecommerce and … Read More

Understanding your customers: The Importance of incorporating Google Analytics for your website

Google Analytics is one of the most readily available yet the most underutilized analytics software. Google launched this as a free web analytics service that allows you to analyze data thoroughly in in-depth detail about the visitors on your website. In essence, Google Analytics provides valuable data trends which when used appropriately could catapult your business to greater heights. Business … Read More

The Misconceptions About Starting an Ecommerce Business

The digital age prompted a lot of advancements in the way we do things and business is not an exception. Especially with the unprecedented changes brought about by the pandemic, a lot of business owners have now shifted online and fully utilized several digital platforms in doing and conducting business. Among the emerging and promising ways of doing business is … Read More

Tips to start an ecommerce business

Shopping online used to be a convenience and a luxury, now – it’s a necessity. Ecommerce is the present and future. The growth of ecommerce skyrocketed and according to EMarketer survey published in 2020 it is projected to have 385% percent growth in 2023. It was recorded that from 2014 up to this day  there was a significant rise in … Read More