Using LinkedIn to grow brand awareness

It may not be as popular as facebook, but LinkedIn has its advantages in digital marketing. A lot has been said about marketing and growing one’s business on LinkedIn because of the misconception that it is only a platform for building a professional network. While this premise is not entirely faulty, this platform allows you to connect with other business … Read More

How to Use Facebook to increase brand awareness

When the revolutionary social media platform, Facebook was launched in 2004, the founders already had in mind to introduce the idea of advertising for businesses using the platform primarily for them to fund the hosting servers and keep the Facebook afloat. However, it was only in 2004 when Zuckerberg and Saverin introduced Facebook Ads where it gave businesses a space … Read More

Benefits of Using Twitter for Digital Marketing

While Twitter may not be the best social media platform for digital marketing, it has its strengths because it’s fast-paced but you get your money’s worth. However, it requires a lot of engagement to keep it afloat.  In this article, we will share the main benefits of using twitter for your digital marketing initiatives. If it’s trending, then you made … Read More

A guide to understanding the value of Concept testing your app idea before designing and developing

Usability testing is a way of testing how easy it is to use a product by actually testing it with real users in order to identify any roadblocks or friction they might face when interacting with it. Despite the high competition overall industries, a successful app development idea can transform the traditional market and pull your product ahead of the major business players. But here the next important question is rising, that is how to validate your app development idea and make sure it will be truly profitable.

How Branding Affects Digital Marketing

The birth of digital marketing paved the way for business owners to be more creative in making their brand known and connecting with their customers. Branding pertains to how you want to be known using your both online and offline means. It goes beyond what you can offer as a business, it should highlight your strengths and your track record.

Creating an Effective Marketing Content Strategy

So you already launched your website and posted content. Now, you’re also considering SEO to optimise your search rankings and make your content visibly seen. User engagement metrics, which measure what users do on your website and how they do it, has become unofficial ranking signals with Google. It means poor quality content has a far more negative impact on … Read More

Reasons why it is critical to have a mobile responsive website

In this digital age, the rise of mobile devices is only the beginning of a shift to more convenient web usage. Thus, it becomes a necessity to ensure that your website can be viewed and accessed by users on any device specifically on mobile devices. A responsive web design equates to your site being mobile-friendly which in turn translates to high visibility. According to Google, websites having responsible designs are considered best practices. Consequently, Google drives 96% of mobile search traffic. With the Google algorithm update, the following optimized elements must be observed for an effective mobile-friendly user experience using responsive web design: Text that must be readable, content which should fit the device’s screen, adequately spaced out links and buttons, and fast load time for pages seen on mobile.

The effectiveness of having a Contact form on your website

website without a contact form page is close to useless because the reason why businesses have websites is to bridge the gap between consumers and you, as the business owner. It is supposed to help you smoothly facilitate your business where people who want to contract your services can easily send their message and concerns.

How to structure my website homepage for impact and clickthrough

The hierarchy of the components of your website and how they relate with one another must be fashioned in a way that does not defeat the purpose of your website. Also, if you’ve invested in SEO initiatives, structuring your website is also material. Hence, it must only contain the vital elements and it is on how you arrange them which could trigger scrolls and clicks. It’s really a transitional page that gets users closer to your content or product. If website visitors get stuck reading a whole bunch of introduction text, they may never take that essential next step that takes them into the real meat of your website.