Cloud Hosting • Security • Maintenance


Cloud Hosting • Security • Maintenance

What is web hosting ?

Web hosting is the file storage required to publish a website online. All the files and databases associated with online software applications are stored in secure servers which are connected to global internet service providers. Depending on the amount of traffic and data your site requires to be uploaded and downloaded, different types of hosting options are available.

Shared vs VPS Hosting

What’s the difference?

The entry level web hosting solution is shared hosting, whereby many sites share one server for the storage of their files and databases. This option only allows for a small amount of web traffic and is less secure than other options. Although this is a limited option, shared hosting is a very affordable way to get started with an online presence and an especially convenient option for start ups.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is an option whereby an organisation has its own virtual server created, where all its website data is housed solely. This allows for a much larger storage space and bandwidth, allowing for more detailed sites with high amounts of traffic. These options are suitable to host multiple websites or platforms and allow for an increased number of employees and clients. VPS solutions also offer increased security and are recommended when dealing with sensitive information.

Shared Hosting

An easy and affordable way to get started on the internet for websites that do not have high levels of traffic.

  • Basic information website with 2 – 3 pages of content
  • Websites with low visitor traffic
  • People who want to host their personal website
  • Start-up phase businesses
Shared hosting plans start from $10 p/m

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VPS Hosting

Customizable hosting with increased security of data. Ideal for businesses that have high amounts of traffic.

  • Businesses that require large storage space and bandwidth
  • Growing numbers of employees and clients
  • More than one website needs to be hosted
  • Growing eCommerce businesses
VPS hosting packages starts from $85 p/m

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Who we host…

You may be familiar with some of the Indigenous Corporations and businesses who trust NGNY to host and maintain their website presence.

I have a website

When will I know if I need to upgrade the hosting plan?

The following are some of the signs that you are ready to upgrade your web hosting service:
The website you run uses up all your processors.
CPU and RAM resources are chewed up by your website.
You want more control over your server.
You want increased performance and customization.
You are expecting growth in your business.
The data you are storing needs to become more secure.

What else can NGNY help with ?

NGNY offers a wide range of services to support your technology needs.

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