What does Google look for in a website and which improves search rankings?

We often wonder how people find businesses online and eventually close transactions with them? The answer is simple. Generally, people try to utilise search engines like Google or Bing and type in the search bar practically anything they need to have answers on. There is no end-all-be-all formula to achieve SEO success however we are not helpless in this aspect. … Read More

Tips to keep your website safe and secure

In order to establish a strong online presence, a well-maintained website entails serious work. Further, a lot of transactions now can be done online which at most times necessitate giving out personal information. Every website can potentially be a target for malware, spammy links. In 2018 alone, over 18 million websites are infected with malware at a given time each … Read More

What are the things you need to prepare in order to build a website?

Deciding to build a website is the first step you can make in growing your business. While it is coupled with challenges, we’re here to let you know that it doesn’t have to be that daunting and hard. All it takes is ample preparation from planning to execution and of course being flexible should challenges come your way. Since we … Read More

Creating a site map and why this is critical in the planning of your website design and development

The site mapping phase of a website project is a strategic process that if done correctly, will set the tone for your entire website.It is a hierarchical listing of a website’s pages, that includes details regarding the page intent, content and functionality. A sitemap that is constructed with clear goals could be the driving factor to a website’s success, providing a vital link between your pages and search engine and nurturing the user experience which is vital to the website’s conversion process. Sitemaps are not a novelty and have long since been part of best web design practices. Hence, it necessarily follows that you should structure your site map as accurately as possible.

Why the right imagery is more impactful for your business website and how to go about creating and finding the right imagery to use

Images on your website do more than just painting a pretty picture. It is a fact that humans are visual creatures and what we see often resonate and integrate in our imagination. Research has found that the human brain can correctly identify images in as little as 100 milliseconds, making carefully-chosen images that reflect your product and values an important opportunity to quickly capture visitors’ attention – even before they’ve read a word of text. Because most are visual learners, images transcend language and words which allow for a greater understanding of whatever is being presented to you. According to science, our brains form first impressions within seconds hence only those imagery and design which created an impression to its viewers absolutely stand out. Aim for photos that depict positive emotions and, if it makes sense, contain people, two things that have been shown to boost conversion rates. In this article, we will be giving you the reasons why having the right imagery is non-negotiable for you to achieve success and growth in your business.

How a website can positively impact your business

It is not uncommon that your website is one of the first things a prospect will look for when dealing with your business. If before the instant questions consist of  asking for business cards or your physical address, now they ask for your website address. A website is a tool that stores and contains all the necessary information about your … Read More

The importance of social media interaction with your website

Social media has become integral in ecommerce and more than ever it has ensured that not only you’re growing our business but establishing your brand by increasing the likelihood of gaining more followers. By incorporating social media into your website, you are providing an opportunity for your content to be shareable, allowing it to be available across your social media platforms. This is extremely helpful to make your content viral and not just confined on your website, which visitors might not actually chance upon through organic search.

What is the difference between IT managed services and break fix services

IT Services are a necessity of every organisation who runs their own website whether it is for maintenance or for fixing features of your website services. The global managed services as an industry is expected to grow exponentially to a revenue of $282 billion in 2023 from a recorded $180.5 billion in 2018. The main consideration why this industry is … Read More

The Benefits of Using Instagram as a Tool in Digital Marketing

Most people are visual learners and it is undeniable that one’s attention span can change drastically upon presenting pleasing visual stimuli. A social media platform like instagram has its thrust on sharing pictures and videos with your friends and connections. Instagram now has grown from being a social platform to being an asset, an important tool in digital marketing. According … Read More

The Benefits of Utilising Social Media for Advertising

According to a research conducted by Social Media Examiner, about 96% of marketers are using social media but of this number, 85% are not sure which are the best platforms to be used and how to effectively manage them. Furthermore, since going digital is now the trend, it is proper to dissect the benefits of utilising social media in digital … Read More