Why is an easy to use website menu important for an effective website

Having to navigate through an unclear and disorganized website is like driving on a road with hazy directions. The difference of having huge bounce rates and less percentage on sales is often pointed at unimpressed website visitors leaving the site because of unfriendly navigation. The navigation menu bar refers to the collection of links you see placed vertically on the … Read More

Why website legals are a must for all websites

Most websites should have at a minimum a Privacy Policy and a website disclaimer. If your website is into selling, a solid and comprehensive Terms and Conditions is indispensable. Data privacy is at the core of having these in place. Complying with these legals are essential and every developer asks you these things before making your website go live. It … Read More

What are the critical and common elements/sections of a website Homepage

The success of a website does not only rely on it being up and running on the web, but the overall look and feel of your website matters as it translates and communicates with the audience how you can provide answers to their problems. In this article, we will be discussing some of the critical and common elements that need … Read More

How to make your website work for you while you sleep

The common misconceptions of small businesses when they’ve launched a website is to  stop there. The truth of the matter is that launching is just the first step. Maintaining and running it is another. Do not fall into the trap of not caring simply because you have ticked off your to-do list. There are a lot of ways your website … Read More

Why content is king for search engine optimisation and digital marketing

Digital marketing has redefined the conduct of ecommerce and utilization of the world wide web. These do not only include social media platforms but rather also include blogs published in websites. In fact, because of the internet providing us answers and solutions to almost anything, it is undeniable that investing in good content will catapult your search engine optimisation rankings, … Read More

How quality content impacts your digital marketing and SEO rankings

The only way to establish successful marketing is to utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The common misconception is that SEO and digital marketing are two separate entities when in fact they are two personalities emerging from the same person. Both must not be viewed in isolation to achieve targeted results. In fact, the commonality for both is that to achieve … Read More

Why having analytics on your website is important

A strong online presence is significant in growing your business. This can be achieved by having a robust website coupled with engaging content. However, these alone are not enough to ensure that your business will thrive. In other words, nicely built and well maintained websites are pointless without a well-thought out strategy.  This is where web analysis comes into the … Read More

What is a user flow and why is this important for building your new website

Websites may be simple or complex so as user journeys, hence user flow came into existence to bridge this gap. It is essentially helping you see how a user makes their way through your website or app.This could encompass the steps they take to perform a certain action, or it could be a more general clicking around. The more you … Read More

How to use your website to generate leads

The digital marketing process may seem simple however it takes a thorough understanding of the different aspects to ensure good results.  Lead generation refers to the process of attracting prospective customers through letting them find your content, follow you on social channels, get them to sign up for your email list and encourage engagement. It is also worth noting to … Read More