5 Key Benefits of Blogging for your Business

Now being full speed in the digital world, the dynamics of digital marketing continues to thrive and businesses are forced to adapt to it. Businesses need to ensure that its goals are being met including being responsive to the needs of consumers who after all are the lifeblood of a business to survive. Hence, especially for small businesses, they need … Read More

Persona Mapping Starter Pack

What is Persona Mapping and how can it help you with everything that you do in your business or organisations. Communicating your brand to your target audience entails more work than what one actually thinks. Questions like who visits your site, what could be their possible motives and whether or not my website is comprehensive and user-friendly enough. If one … Read More

Website Firewall Security

Understanding how website firewall security protects your online brand and what you need to do to get on top of this. No matter how you think about investing for a website firewall, it has been proven to be effective and necessary especially now in this digital era. Even if you have this belief that your website is not prone to … Read More

Benefits of having FAQs on your website

It is undeniable that digital marketing has redefined the way of doing business nowadays. Investing for a good website developer carries with it the challenge of providing great content to communicate your brand to potential customers. While the website contains different headings describing the services or products a business offers, some businesses tend to undermine the value of putting up … Read More

Managing the Cyber Risks of Remote Work

As people move to their homes to work because of the coronavirus pandemic, taking their laptops and company data with them, cyber security experts say hackers will follow, seeking to disrupt businesses. Security experts warn that cybercriminals will take this opportunity to target people working from home. NGNY, through our partnership with iland, is here to help. Backup, backup, backup. … Read More

Growing our business with the Cloud

It’s official! We’ve extended our services offerings to the cloud. Last week we took the step to officially grow our technology services footprint with the addition of our Cloud Solutions offerings. This growth opportunity has seen us partner with 26 year old global cloud services provider, iland. The decision to partner with iland was a long journey. Over recent years … Read More

7 tips to grow your business in a highly competitive marketplace

Five and a half years in business has seen us, NGNY,  grow steadily and consistently, but not without our growing pains. Over the past two years we’ve strategically made the decision to scale up the business for growth opportunities and find ways to achieve this. So the conundrum that we’ve faced  is how to achieve the desired scale and growth … Read More

What is Indigenous Business Month and how you can get involved?

October 2019 marked the 5th year of Indigenous Business Month, and with its ever-growing presence and prominence on the calendar, it’s increasingly important that we highlight the successes achieved in the Indigenous business sector. And it’s a time to reflect on the challenges and to collaborate on solutions. Because, frankly speaking, the Indigenous business sector is here to stay and … Read More

How corporate Australia can make an impact on the Indigenous economy

How Corporate Australia can further positively impact the Indigenous business ecosystem and Indigenous economy. For all of the corporate organisations with a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), are you making a real and sustained impact when it comes to the Indigenous economy and to Indigenous procurement? Do your RAP commitments go beyond fiscal cycles and focus on outcomes, not just impact? … Read More