NGNY is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated digital agency.

Our breadth of work is filtered through our participation in creating and improving sustainable impact in the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander socioeconomic ecosystem through Indigenous Digital Economy, collaboration, learning & development.

Why NGNY ?

At NGNY we aim to make an impact on our community. We coined a term Indigenous Digital Economy which aims to identify and build on the ways in which technology can positively impact on Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander culture and community sustainability. For us this is a journey of how technology can play a pivotal role in preserving & teaching culture. As a business, we are impacting Indigenous Digital Economy through educational and employment opportunities.

Our services…

Our services centre on three main areas… Design, Development & Communication.




Our Clients

Our clients are a varied bunch…
We work with Individuals, start-ups, Indigenous Community Controlled Organisations,
Government Agencies, SME’s, Not-for-Profit’s and Corporations.
Basically anyone who wants to do good work that has a goal to positively impact.

Ngakkan Nyaagu means “see” in Wergaia and Gumbaynggirr languages.
The business name signifies NGNY’s goal to assist our clients in developing a strong and recognised presence so their audience can “see” who they are, what their story is and what they do.