How quality content impacts your digital marketing and SEO rankings

The only way to establish successful marketing is to utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The common misconception is that SEO and digital marketing are two separate entities when in fact they are two personalities emerging from the same person. Both must not be viewed in isolation to achieve targeted results. In fact, the commonality for both is that to achieve success, investing for quality content is a must. It is worth noting that what makes website visitors stay on your website is the relevant and useful information, or when their enquiries have been answered the right way. The latter is your main target, being Google’s top consideration in ranking websites to appear first in their search engines. 

This article incorporates Google’s considerations to evaluate quality content and how it impacts your digital marketing and SEO initiatives. Google values sites which conform to their guidelines, high quality and relevant content which all boil down to being beneficial to users. While the term quality content might be subjective as shortly written content may have the same impact as lengthy well-researched ones, we believe that Google has internally developed metrics in ranking websites. 

Quality content ups your site’s High Click-Through-Rate (CTR), the more you get users to click on your links, the greater are your chances of getting better rankings on search engines. Your content must reflect your purpose and business for that matter. See to it that your content is indexed in Google which is what will make your website page appear on search engines. This way, your site can gain more traffic and content will be discovered far more quickly. This is where digital marketing content and SEO complement each other in a sense that great quality content cannot flourish on its own without SEO. 

Quality content allows you to generate backlinks from high-authority websites. Quality content thrusts on addressing user’s query as accurately and quickly as possible. It has to be authoritative, with legit sources and well-researched. One way to do this is linking credible sources and sites. In SEO, this strategy often works because high-quality backlinks indicate credibility and trust. Thus, it increases your chances of being ranked high in Google search results.

The importance of keywords and onsite content cannot be stressed more. Quality content  enables you to incorporate keywords and use them strategically. This is important as it helps you be at par with other brands in the same industry. Performing an audit content by eliminating invaluable keywords and getting rid of formats which are not productive. Some of the remedies include having your content indexed by Google and coming up with catchy and well thought out titles and headings of your content.

Quality content enables you to implement an ideal User Experience (UX). A regularly updated website without broken links so that the website loads quickly, users can navigate easily and leads them to find the information they need, are some of the key indicators of an ideal UX. Writing quality blogs where not only users can get to know your product, service or brand but also allows them to pick up informative content is one factor of contributing to a good UX. It also involves creating a website that has a good structure that users can navigate easily, optimizing your robots.txt files, and writing good meta tags.

Users’ needs are changing and Google’s algorithms are constantly updating. Because SEO and content cannot work in isolation, the challenge for  marketers is  to regularly come up and integrate quality content to boost your rankings and strong online presence.

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