Why content is king for search engine optimisation and digital marketing

Digital marketing has redefined the conduct of ecommerce and utilization of the world wide web. These do not only include social media platforms but rather also include blogs published in websites. In fact, because of the internet providing us answers and solutions to almost anything, it is undeniable that investing in good content will catapult your search engine optimisation rankings, drive more traffic and convert more leads. Content which effectively conveys the message you want to come across your target audience. In the digital marketing and SEO world there’s this oft-repeated saying that follows: “Content is King.” After two decades, this has evolved to “Fresh Content is King” coined by Bill Gates. It emphasizes the many advantages of websites who invest in coming up with fresh quality content on a regular basis. In this article, we will discuss how critical coming up with fresh content is in terms of boosting your SEO rankings.

As much as your site values the form and aesthetics, equally informative and engaging content must also be a priority. If you have social media channels, it must be reflective and parallel of the content you publish on your site. You might want to ask, what’s in it for me? Well, a lot is on the line for great and regularly updated content because content that has been optimized is more likely to assist your site to rank highly in search results especially on Google. Strong online reputation means more lead conversions and is actually good for your business. 

  1.  Website visitors give importance to content.

The World Wide Web is a repository of websites which allow users to search answers to their questions. Whether it is for seeking information, streaming your favorite music or series, online shopping or doing your bank transactions online- name it. And this happens in a span of moments, I mean even in our mobile phones, the internet is within our reach. Content directly speaks for you to the potential customers. Once you post content that your target audience finds beneficial, they will be more likely to finish reading your post. Since this is online, unlike interacting physically, your content must be topnotch for them to be actually sold in your brand. This is where compelling content comes in because without the proper content, traffic in your site won’t be valuable. 

  1. Helps you build a base of followers  through publishing fresh and relevant  content regularly.

Nobody wants to read the same blog post again and again. Interesting, engaging, and frequently updated content is the thrust of SEO. Incorporating one or two keywords and substantial facts, making sure your content is evergreen. Evergreen means a content that is valuable and applicable not just in the present times, but something that would not lose its relevance. This is extremely helpful as it makes your site rank over time and not just contemplating the present time. Hence, a comprehensive blog post posted in 2016 on choosing self-care by doing yoga and meditation would still likely be relevant in the next three years. If someone searches these keywords, self-care, meditation, if SEO is well-maintained for your site, then most likely you will still appear on top of the search rankings. If you want to build a strong online presence, amassing loyal brand followers, having engaging and informative content regularly is instrumental. The goal is for these visitors to be converted to regulars who will often check your site and social media platforms for your offerings. Further, fresh and new content will give them an impression that your intent to connect with them is there. Based on a study, the content posted on your site has the power of engaging your customers. Engaged customers is equal to the likelihood of buying from you. Updated and fresh content means more clicks and visits not just on one occasion. Sure you wouldn’t want to miss these opportunities.

  1.  Greater chances of being indexed by search engines.

To make sure that your SEO is in place, make sure you have your content indexed because Google does this to rank websites which are compliant to their standards. It’s not uncommon that a website’s search engine ranking has a great impact on the number of potential visitors it attracts to your website content. These rankings can be impacted by the indexing process. What then is the goal? Publish more relevant content regularly as they will be indexed by Google. Its effect is boosting the site’s ranking, very likely to improve its position as well as its prominence among potential readers.

  1. Relevant content is more noticed by Google. 

Google and other search engines endeavors to deliver relevant and up-to-date search results for users. The website which can give the most accurate results in the least amount of time always wins. Toward this end, Google is constantly updating its algorithm to ensure that the content that appears on top of search rankings are the most valuable to its users. After all, it has been an established line in this digital age that when having questions or when you need to be clarified or enlightened on something, “Just Google it”. More clicks from visitors mean that the site provided answers to users. This will reflect on Google’s analytics and thus rewards these websites generating this activity. This happens every time a website publishes relevant, fresh content. The cycle goes on. Indeed, regular publishing of compelling content is nothing but a necessity if you want your website to thrive and make the most of your SEO. 

Just like in a Chess game, you’re still alive if you keep your king alive. Hence, it is regarded as the most important character. In digital marketing, compelling quality content is king. It is what keeps you alive in the digital world.

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