Why having analytics on your website is important

A strong online presence is significant in growing your business. This can be achieved by having a robust website coupled with engaging content. However, these alone are not enough to ensure that your business will thrive. In other words, nicely built and well maintained websites are pointless without a well-thought out strategy.  This is where web analysis comes into the picture. It centers on developing strategies anchored on accurate and up-to-date analysis. Website analytics is a tool which provides business owners analytics reports containing relevant information specifically on visitor behavior while navigating through your website. Demographics are also included in the analytics report which identify visitors by age, gender, location, traffic source. Analytics as a mechanism can be considered as an indispensable one as it allows you to quantify the impact of your marketing strategies, what works and what to improve more on. It allows you to crafts sound decisions based on actual data. In this article, we will be sharing the importance of analytics on your website.

  1. Properly identify your business’ strengths and weaknesses.  This is especially important for small businesses who just started and aren’t sure of the kind of marketing content to capitalize on which will be hit for potential customers. For example, a car auto-parts website made blogs as one of their marketing strategies however, it turns out their short videos were gaining more attraction from their visitors. Hence, they can be guided on what to put more effort and resources on. Worry no more as free tools such as Google Analytics are readily available and businesses can have a tool in gauging the success of their digital strategies and tweak them accordingly. 
  2. Enhance user experience. When you know your visitors, you will be guided to tailor-fit customer responsive needs. The goal here is not only to maintain the existing relationships previously built but to attract new ones. Because of the useful demographics you get from the analytics generated report, you are not precluded from customizing your website accordingly to suit their convenience and more importantly drawing them close to your sales funnel.
  3. Capitalize on your best content. Analytics reports show you which content were hits and misses which includes duration, bounce rates to optimize for better engagement. This saves you resources like cost, time and effort because you will strategize how to maintain good viewership and engagement as opposed to failed marketing strategies.
  4. Boosts your site’s SEO ranking. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential in every website because the more organic traffic your business site gets, the more leads and conversions you get. Because you have an idea on how your website’s engagement is going, this will allow you to create targeted content which leads to better visibility on search engines. On top of that, you can gain some insights on backlinks by tracking your referrals.
  5. Effectively track top referrals and build strategies.

This is important because you can track who referred most traffic to your business site, analyze, and focus on strategies to gain more referrals from them. For example, if your site receives most traffic from search engines, it means that your SEO is alive and kicking. Your goal now is to maintain the strength of your SEO to be more visible and on top of the results.

  1. Optimize marketing leading to more sales. You should also get acquainted with the sales report these tools care generating. This shows you the total revenue, conversion rates, top products, top referral sources, etc. in a single report. You cannot underestimate the importance of this sales report as this will be the determining factor of your business to where it’s supposed to navigate. Hence, coupled with marketing strategies, you can deduce sales strategies to gain more profit and let your business thrive.

At the end of the day, enhancing your content for engagement should always be based on a reliable data source not only to be responsive to the needs of the customers but also ensuring that your business is not wasting resources on strategies which do more harm than help.

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