What is Indigenous Business Month and how you can get involved?

October 2019 marked the 5th year of Indigenous Business Month, and with its ever-growing presence and prominence on the calendar, it’s increasingly important that we highlight the successes achieved in the Indigenous business sector. And it’s a time to reflect on the challenges and to collaborate on solutions. Because, frankly speaking, the Indigenous business sector is here to stay and … Read More

How corporate Australia can make an impact on the Indigenous economy

How Corporate Australia can further positively impact the Indigenous business ecosystem and Indigenous economy. For all of the corporate organisations with a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), are you making a real and sustained impact when it comes to the Indigenous economy and to Indigenous procurement? Do your RAP commitments go beyond fiscal cycles and focus on outcomes, not just impact? … Read More

Steps to developing Capability and Capacity in your business

For any business, Indigenous or non-Indigenous, being able to deliver to the capability and capacity requirements of corporate and government Australia is one of the key challenges faced by a lot of businesses currently. There are different ways to address this, but there is not necessarily any specific structures and programs in place that can assist in addressing the age-old … Read More