What are website ‘Call to Actions’ and why they are necessary for you to think about when building a website

In digital marketing, the goal is really to drive visitors to actually buy your products or engage in your services. This can be achieved by incorporating in your homepage website a clear and compelling “Call To Action (CTA). 

A website call to action (CTA) is some form of text, banner, button, image, or other elements that instructs a website visitor to take immediate action in a compelling way. It is often the next step you want your audience to take on a web page. For websites, this specific action can be to submit a contact form, subscribe to an email list, purchase a product, or view another piece of content.There have been misconceptions as to the use of call to action (CTA) as others claim it isn’t that material in your website. What they fail to realize is that CTAs are indispensable to a successful website. This is a concrete way of motivating and leading your audience towards becoming a real client. CTAs can either make or break the realization of leads to a full-blown  conversion. Digital marketers claim that an equally compelling content also needs a convincing CTA. This presupposes web visitors have browsed your content and are now ready to buy your products or engage in your services. The right CTA at the perfect timing can lead the person to seal a conversion and ideally make that customer come back to you. CTAs, like writing any other content, can be a subtle or blunt way to tell your customer that he or she should take action now for the best benefit.

One thing high-converting websites have in common is a killer CTA. Since, CTA forms part of the website’s content, they have to be well-written, placed strategically and designed carefully in order to drive customers to consummate the sale or bring them closer to you for your future marketing initiatives. Examples of CTAs include, Buy Now, Learn More, Add to Cart, Book Now, Subscribe. If you’ve ever encountered these words, then these are manifestations of websites using CTAs. Below are the top three reasons why using CTAs for your website are important:

  1. Boosts lead conversions.

From viewing and reading the content of your website until reaching the first CTA, it forms part of a buyer’s journey. Because there is a CTA,  which instructs the user on what to do next, prompting a proactive response, then most likely they will be converted leads. Whether the CTA is for subscription and entails the audience to type in their email to avail of a voucher or details to actually consummate a sale, once the website visitor clicks on these and starts filling in the necessary details, then it has been said that the CTA did not fail. Your CTA creates a better user experience. Instead of making your audience guess and wonder about how to proceed, you give them the answer in an eye-catching, brightly colored button to guide them to the next phase of the buying process. Facilitate a smooth buying process by giving the people what they want.

  1. Leads the customers who actually want to purchase.

Some online buyers depend on the CTA for the next steps in completing their purchase. Failure to incorporate a CTA may harm your chances of gaining more. CTA buttons make it easy for customers to do what you want them to do. Strong calls to action on social media, websites, the end of videos, copy messaging, digital advertising, and elsewhere are expected parts of the campaign. Improves the success of  the business’ digital marketing initiatives. – Digital marketing continues to evolve and  adding a call to action to your campaign is a game changer. Not only that you’re setting clear boundaries to your website visitors, but also you’re clearly conveying the intent of the campaign to your audience. A tailor-fit and well curated-content includes proper placement of CTAs. You don’t want to put in the very beginning as it’s too obvious nor place it in the middle or at the end with minute details of the blog or article you are sharing. At the end of the day, a compelling content without boosters like CTAs may end up falling on deaf ears without a proactive action from the targeted audience.

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