The importance of unique content for your website and social media channels to help you increase brand awareness and drive sales

Brand awareness is way more than a consumer recognizes your products or services whether online or offline. It transcends on the consumers’  degree of familiarity with your company and message. Simply stated, it means the consumers’ understanding of your brand and what it stands for. One way of achieving brand awareness is by having strong content published in your website regularly. It is undeniable that there are a lot of brands which offer more or less similar services. It has then become a challenge for business owners to create unique strategies and content to appeal to prospects and drive more traffic to their websites. In order to work on a superb content, your marketing team needs to highlight the qualities that set your brand apart from your competitors. Another relevant fact is that the right platforms as to where you want to be seen also matters. In fact, a lot of  businesses take advantage of today’s popular social media platforms such  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest in their efforts for digital marketing. This has already become a trend and thus knowing what to put in your content before actually publishing them makes a lot of difference on the success of your digital marketing initiative. This blog aims to share some tips on how a unique content on your website increases brand awareness among your consumers or website visitors for that matter.

1. Research about your target audience.

It pays to know who you want to create unique content to and ultimately connect with them. A good message sent to an audience who cannot relate or who simply could not fully appreciate can be useless. Knowing who your target audience is a basic marketing strategy and it never goes wrong. From brainstorming an idea to actually developing it, it is noteworthy that a specific target audience in mind can save you from more work. As the famous author on leadership and effectiveness, Stephen Covey once said, “Begin with the end in mind.” The end in mind is to increase brand awareness through unique content. 

2. Develop relevant and informative content.

The amount of exposure social media can provide to your content is limitless but quality and creativity should not be sacrificed because these two set your brand apart from the others.

3. Prioritize imagery and visual content.

A good website copy must be paired with an equally compelling visual content. If you want to increase your brand awareness and make sure that your audience reach is high, your design team should up their game by coming up with designs that stand out while not compromising your brand.

4. Connect with your audience and value customer feedback.

Social media marketing may seem a one way street but that isn’t the truth. Business owners should take this opportunity to connect easily with their audience by encouraging feedback forms. The feedback you receive from likes/comments/shares/pins/tweets/etc. is valuable. Both negative and positive reviews are important in improving your brand. Also, these feedback from consumers must not be neglected and thus responded accordingly. This way you are showing that your brand values feedback and monitoring. Ultimately, insights you can get from your audience would lead to analysis and informed decisions  for your business to thrive. 

5. Avail of optimization strategies.

The goal is to grow your brand’s awareness and one way of doing that is you’ll have to improve the performance of your social media campaigns. Thus, helpful platforms such as Google Analytics, can help you analyse what are your key strengths and things you need to improve on your digital marketing strategies. Whether they’re organic or paid, all of your campaigns need to be tested, measured, and eventually optimized. Measure your traffic numbers, the clicks, the open rates, and your reach. Figure out patterns and apply your findings to your advantage. For example, if posts that contain images on adventures or food then perhaps you can create a concept on travelling focusing on these two subjects.

These five tips are just to give you a head start on how to develop a unique content to increase brand awareness and help your business. While it is a challenging task, the reward you will get is invaluable in itself. It matters that one is consistent in developing anything great, and this applies especially to the development of a professional brand.

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