The importance of social media interaction with your website

Social media has become integral in ecommerce and more than ever it has ensured that not only you’re growing our business but establishing your brand by increasing the likelihood of gaining more followers. By incorporating social media into your website, you are providing an opportunity for your content to be shareable, allowing it to be available across your social media platforms. This is extremely helpful to make your content viral and not just confined on your website, which visitors might not actually chance upon through organic search. Also, 3.8 billion, about half the world’s population have social media platforms as of the recent data in 2020. Further, allowing your website content to be easily shareable across social media platforms links to an increased user experience. The users are able to see the products and services in action and the reviews about your products and services. Thus allowing them to respond to your Calls To Action (CTAs). In this article we will share the benefits of integrating social media interaction with your website and some tips on how to start working on them.

  1. Broaden your reach with continuous and regular exposure. This is why social media interaction is vital because your website visitors can make or break the streak of boosting your content. Once they share your content in their own social media platforms, their followers will see it too. When you thought the client-customer relationship ended with your actual customer, you’re wrong. Satisfied customers tend to share their positive experiences and this is a good avenue in increasing your following base and growing your brand. At the same time, it builds your credibility as a brand anchored in user-generated content from social media.
  2. Improve your website’s engagement and interaction with your audience. The stronger the integration you create for your social media channels to your website, the more likely your followers will engage. Further, promptness of responses to visitors enquiries is also important. Engaging in comments and conducting giveaways to your followers are also manifestations of your website’s commitment to engagement and interaction with your audience. You may also encourage the use of hashtags especially on Twitter and make your post viral. Even a simple love or like reaction to a customer’s comment on your social media post means a lot and shows them your strong online presence and your value for feedback.
  1. Look into consumers’ social behaviour which is helpful in making informed business decisions. Social media monitoring can help you track performance and sentiment analysis which will be material in the way you devise your future marketing plans. You can evaluate which posts generated more interactions from your followers and from there logically infer which made your followers tick. There is no hard and fast rule in digital marketing, everything evolves. You just have to make sure that your end goal will always be enhancing the customer’s experience.
  1. Improve your traffic by integrating social media on your website and vice versa. Doing social media integration right can lead to more website traffic and vice versa. You can do this by simply including your website in your posts on social media and then this will lead the visitors to click on the link that will bring them to your website. Also, in your website, you can integrate your socials for visitors to check them out. The importance of social media cannot be undermined as they appeal more to people’s feelings from hearing and seeing sentiments of satisfied customers. It allows them to consummate the purchase as they are assured that they are dealing with a reputable brand.

Increase your conversion and sales. Social media integration makes your product or service widely known because of the number of shares or mentions. Thus, you are not only growing your website but your business as well.

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