The importance of bringing your website and CRM system together

Customer Relations Management (CRM) refers to  a software allowing for automated collection and processing of various data from customers. Collection of data is one thing, processing of this data is another. Through CRM, the nightmare of manually inputting data is eradicated. Most businesses already took the monumental step of saying yes to the seamless integration with their CRM system and website with the end in mind of properly streamlining all business processes.  Integrating CRM into your website entails merging your CRM software with your website’s existing Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress where processes will be streamlined especially on managing your customers’ needs. The data which the CRM provides will also be material in determining the action items needed on your end as a business owner. It is important to remember that automating the interactions between your website and CRM supports the goal to increase volumes and more accurate data leads, which in turn convert to better profiles, trimmed down to better-quality leads which in turn bring higher sales conversion rates. In this article, here are some of the recognized advantages of website and CRM integration for your business.

  1. Create a single, centralised, reliable data source. One benefit of integrating CRM into your website is avoiding errors caused by inaccuracy of data, it may be true one moment but the next, it isn’t. Because of integration, this won’t be a pressing issue as instant updates are reflected in the CRM vis-a-vis your website. Data in the CRM is very much accessible by team members who need to use them especially for the marketing and sales team which should closely work together in driving revenue for the business. Indeed, there is no substitute for access to reliable and consistent information. 
  2. Allows better profiling of your customers, thus elevating your customer experience.  Since CRM provides reliable and informative data, you could then use it to complete customer profiles. Further, your marketing team can predict trends on customer behaviour like buying habits, what’s in and not. Profiling isn’t only relevant in the present dealings of the organisation, in fact you will still be reaping this benefit as you go on because better profiles means better analysis on customers. Your marketing team has a strong basis leading them to informed decisions on devising marketing campaigns and strategies..  By integrating your website with your CRM, you are seeing the bigger picture of how customers’ interact with your business organisation. From initial enquiry to sales, providing feedback, you don’t have to fear missing out as everything’s there.
  3. Turn customer churn to a minimum. According to recent data, perceived indifference was cited by 68% of people as to why they are leaving a business. This is a large number thinking that customers feel that their insights are not valued and consequently their needs won’t be met as well. Through CRM-website integration, it tracks customer satisfaction and you can better tailor-fit your solutions to provide the needs of your customers. This will benefit you as you thread them along the loyalty ladder, hence establishing a long-term relationship with your customers. 
  4. Increase productivity by bidding goodbye to unnecessary admin work. The main thrust of CRM is to streamline business processes to get more things done at any given time. Connecting your marketing and sales operations into a streamlined process has never been this easy. This is actually a smart move because choosing an automated integration between the two systems means reducing overhead cost. No more manual data entry of information which is prone to errors, thanks to the main feature of having a centralised reliable system. This leads to increased productivity as it frees up your marketing and sales staff to focus on more important bodies of work. On top of that, it hastens the sales process as potential leads are in the system immediately after the initial contact. From here, another team member from the Sales department shall exert necessary efforts for this lead to be converted into sales.

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