The effectiveness of having a Contact form on your website

A website without a contact form page is close to useless because the reason why businesses have websites is to bridge the gap between consumers and you, as the business owner. It is supposed to help you smoothly facilitate your business where people who want to contract your services can easily send their message and concerns. The most traditional way of incorporating a contact detail on your website is by putting your business email or http email link. However, as the demand for efficiency is increasing, it is imperative that you should devise a comprehensive yet brief contact form for your customers and potential customers to fill up on. A contact form is a short web-based form published on a website. While making a contact form sounds like hard work, it’s easy with the right form builder plugin. Any visitor can fill out the form and submit it to send a message to the site owner. Your contact form triggers an email message to be generated and sent to your email inbox. This lets you get messages from visitors easily without revealing your email address to spammers.

Here are the advantages of having a contact form on your website.

  1. Secure your inbox from spam messages. While the chances of getting spam messages are inevitable, you can minimize them by having a contact form. This is your affirmative act in getting rid of publicly displayed email addresses and consequently, you gain control of the flow of your messages. If you really want to be esure, you may integrate a reCAPTCHA function too. This ensures you only get genuine messages and are keeping those spambots at a safe distance. 
  1. Adds credibility and professionalism to your brand. A well-maintained website makes you credible and an equally curated website form elevates that status. It shows that you prioritize getting in touch with customers and intentionally giving them the appropriate services they need.
  1. Keep track of your messages. When someone fills in your contact form, you’ll get a notification. This helps you keep track of all messages coming through your website in a simpler way. Too many emails get lost in spam filters, leaving unhappy customers without replies.
  1. User-friendly to your customers. This breaks the gap on having to go to the website just to send emails. Having a website contact form cuts out the middle man. It allows customers to send you a message directly with less hassle and thus they feel empowered as they have a direct upperhand in communicating with you.
  1. Provides you with adequate information. Contact forms lay out relevant questions which customers need to fill in. Oftentimes, the traditional emailing system takes a lot of time and can often lead to getting lost in translation as other details might be missed out. With contact forms, you can include boxes for customers to fill in. This is a game-changer because with just one form, you can already see all the information you need to anchor your next action items. Also, you are not precluded to include notices that some of the enquiries will be redirected to a certain department, like Sales as they have the proforma standards of dealing with the nature of the enquiries. This benefit goes both ways as customers won’t have false hopes of getting their message unanswered. But of course, it is imperative that you reply to enquiries. 
  1. Increase your email list for potential lead generation. Building your email list especially for people who have transacted business with you is important. It is important to come up with strategies to make customers subscribe to you. Make sure to devise a hassle-free and straightforward subscription. This step shouldn’t be undermined as this can make or break your customer base and sales growth. You can do this by adding a simple box on the contact form letting people choose whether or not to sign up to your mailing list.

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