NSWICC Assured Business


NSWICC Assured Business

Ngakkan Nyaagu (NGNY) is proud to have attained the status of FACCI Assured Affiliate with NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce (NSWICC) in 2018.

The NSWICC is the peak body for Aboriginal business in NSW and a powerful voice for the needs of Aboriginal entrepreneurs, business owners and enterprising communities. Their Vision is for a state that embraces its rich Aboriginal history and culture while valuing Aboriginal entrepreneurship, innovation and enterprise as important pillars in a strong New South Wales economy.

Together, with their strategic alliances and partners, they work with their members to develop and accelerate their business goals by building skills and developing capacity, removing barriers and identifying and facilitating opportunities. They also offer consultancy to assist corporate, government and private sector non-Indigenous organisations to maximize their social and economic impact when engaging Aboriginal people, communities and businesses in whatever capacity they seek to support or invest in ways to close the gap between Australia’s First People and other Australians.

As NGNY is a 100% Indigenous owned business, we value the importance of diversity in the business sector and work every day to contribute toward the direction of a shared journey between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia. We’re continually working toward the advancement of our community and sharing in the opportunities and prosperity that this land offers. Our goals align with those of the NSWICC – especially to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of Aboriginal people, accelerate Aboriginal business and employment growth, growing the Indigenous supply chain and facilitating relationships and networks that enable sustained economic and social inclusion.

Through our membership with NSWICC, we have been able to network with many like-minded Indigenous organisations and forge mutually beneficial relationships with organisations and government departments seeking to engage our services. These, along with other business development channels, allow us to sustainably invest back into our community. This provides us the opportunity to demonstrate to buyers the importance of understanding and measuring the impact of the investment they are making when engaging an Indigenous business.

The leadership team at NGNY, Liam Ridgeway and John Saulo, attend meetings of the NSWICC and where possible, share our learnings and approaches in running a 100% Aboriginal owned business for the past 5 years. We are strong believers in contributing to the growth and vision of the NSWICC.

Along with Supply Nation, the NSWICC supports the Indigenous business ecosystem and strive to support the growth and sustainability of the Indigenous business supply chain. They are a strong advocate for greater efficiency, regulation and transparency when it comes to the Certification of Aboriginal Businesses and the implementation of the Aboriginal Procurement Policy (APP).

A 2012 report showed NSWICC to be the Number 1 feeder to the Indigenous Business Sector Pipeline. A survey of Supply Nation suppliers showed that almost half had been referred by the NSWICC and that the Chamber had played a big role in their success as a business.

Another Membership advantage is the exposure you gain via the NSW Aboriginal Business Portal which provides a highly credible resource for Government and other stakeholders seeking to procure from prequalified Aboriginal suppliers. The NSWICC provides the assurance to purchasing teams that businesses listed on the portal are Aboriginal owned and compliant with Government and industry regulators.

Eligibility for Assurance status with NSWICC

The NSWICC follow FACCI’s policy on certifying or confirming a person or business as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

See here for more details on pre-requisites on how to attain this NSWICC Assured Member status.