Managing the Cyber Risks of Remote Work

As people move to their homes to work because of the coronavirus pandemic, taking their laptops and company data with them, cyber security experts say hackers will follow, seeking to disrupt businesses. Security experts warn that cybercriminals will take this opportunity to target people working from home. NGNY, through our partnership with iland, is here to help.

Backup, backup, backup.

Remember to securely backup data. There is significant risk to corporate documents, data and sensitive digital files if not properly backed up. In case of an accidental data loss or cyber-attack, remote employees will lose their data which ultimately means that your company data will be lost or compromised. It is critical to also ensure that your remote workers can quickly recover any lost data in order to continue to do their job remotely.

Setting up a secure remote-working environment is not an overnight job. It requires considerable effort from all people involved. We can help ease the burden and effectively protect the work-from-home data from cyber threats and data loss.

Our cloud backup solutions are customized for your requirements, and effectively covers all of your backup needs for the office as well as remote employees, eliminating all hassle and keeping all your data secure in case of any cybercrimes, crashes, lost devices or other problems. Our goal is to work with businesses to minimize the challenges of working from home and supporting them to be better equipped to handle extreme and minor scenarios that impact our lives and our businesses. Ultimately, we are here to support business continuity.

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