How to Use Facebook to increase brand awareness

When the revolutionary social media platform, Facebook was launched in 2004, the founders already had in mind to introduce the idea of advertising for businesses using the platform primarily for them to fund the hosting servers and keep the Facebook afloat. However, it was only in 2004 when Zuckerberg and Saverin introduced Facebook Ads where it gave businesses a space just like standard users to create their own profile, post any content and engage with other facebook users. Fast forward to 2021, facebook advertising now is so customised that even in messenger by way of automated bots are evident. If there’s anything to learn from Facebook advertising’s evolution, it’s that the processes and practices behind the concept will never remain stagnant. 

Advertising on Facebook will continue to evolve and what we ultimately need is an open mind to continue adapting as new ad formats emerge, privacy and data regulations loosen or constrict, its user base changes, and social media trends come and go. According to recent data, there are 1.2 billion active users, making Facebook the top choice for digital marketers especially when starting out in creating an online presence. It offers unprecedented access directly to consumers . In order to maximise using Facebook for  brand awareness, it requires that you understand how the platform works as well as how consumers generally use the platform. 

In this article, we will share five tips on how to effectively use facebook to increase brand awareness of your product/service. It is undisputed that all brands start out small. Hence, it is important that you begin building brand awareness by assessing what is it that I would want my brand to be known for. You should put a lot of work into building a solid brand identity before you move into social media. Once you begin using Facebook, you can start reaching out to the community by targeting the demographics that are most likely to use your product. You can view the people that are following your competitors, those that have expressed interest in similar products or those that are in your geographic location.

Your brand will only be able to grow if you plant seeds properly and care for them well. Initially building brand awareness on Facebook takes a significant amount of time, and it requires momentum. If you stop building your brand, for any reason, you’ll quickly find yourself losing steam. For this reason, you need to have a good idea of where you’re going and how to get there from the very beginning.

Brainstorm, conceptualise and concretize your marketing strategy.

Once you have a solid copy, this might include those that are already existing in your website, then you’re good to go. Another helpful material is by coming up with a communication plan which will guide you through your content posting on facebook. This way you can merge creativity and efficiency by making sure what you post on facebook are interactive and beneficial to your followers.

Organise contests rather than relying solely  on straight promotions. 

This is a very helpful tip especially when you’re still starting to make buzz about your brand. Having give-away contests and incorporating in your mechanics for the one who joins to tag two or three of their friends is the deal breaker. Even if there are less chances for the tagged friends to like your business page, the fact that they can click on the notifications once tagged and view your profile already is a small win.

Use facebook advertising.

Yes, it has payment to avail of this service. However, starting businesses using facebook would want to avail this for better exposure and online presence.

Share other content and encourage repeat visitors on facebook.

The goal is not just to have increased brand awareness but convert these potential likes to actual sales. Hence, if you have comprehensive and engaging content, your followers can make it trend and make your posts viral. We cannot overemphasise how this creates dramatic change in your brand exposure.

Keep a tab of your statistics. 

It is not enough that you already have the ball rolling and eventually sail off without a direction. It is imperative that as a marketer, there is a monitoring of your Facebook page’s reach and the statistics of interactions relating to it in your sales report. It is also worth noting that customer feedback matters and this is very useful in striving to be true to your brand leading to success.

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