Growing our business with the Cloud

It’s official! We’ve extended our services offerings to the cloud. Last week we took the step to officially grow our technology services footprint with the addition of our Cloud Solutions offerings.

This growth opportunity has seen us partner with 26 year old global cloud services provider, iland. The decision to partner with iland was a long journey. Over recent years at NGNY, we’ve been exploring various ways of growing our business footprint in the technology space. This has seen us explore and experiment with various different options, a “try before you buy” type scenario. Through this process we were able to clearly define what we were seeking and how we were going to realise this goal. What became very evident was that we were seeking a growth partner that had aligned values and would allow us at NGNY to continue to grow independently as a business. For us, iland was the partner that ticked these boxes.

Let us make one thing clear, NGNY is still a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated business and the partnerships that we seek to establish and grow are shared services based relationships. This means that we can still deliver the development, design, hosting and related solutions, the services we’ve been delivering for 6 years now, but we’re now able to extend our offerings to provide Cloud Services.

You might be thinking what are cloud services?  Essentially cloud services are a way for you to store your data in the cloud as opposed to having the data stored on servers and hardware in your workspace, which can be costly and ineffective. This also means that you and your team are able to access your information anywhere and at any time, as long as you have an internet connection. But most importantly, your cloud services should be providing the required levels of security to secure your information and data and ensuring that it’s not being accessed by unauthorised parties. Our cloud services deliver a strong and secure cloud footprint.

Oh, we forgot to mention that using cloud services is super cost effective and flexible to your business needs and requirements. All cloud services providers should be supporting your business scaling up and down.

If you are interested in exploring cloud services for your business, please contact us.

For those of you that are discovering Ngakkan Nyaagu (NGNY) for the first time, we are an Indigenous Digital Agency. NGNY is a 100% Aboriginal owned business and has been operating for 5 years. We have been engaged to deliver website, mobile app, graphic design and hosting services for Indigenous organisations and businesses, non-Indigenous organisations, businesses, government and enterprise. We are Supply Nation Certified, NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce (NSWICC) registered and B-Corporation Certified. We have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience along the way and have a lot to share with Indigenous businesses and the buyers of their products and services. (