Yarpa Hub

About Yarpa Hub:

The NSW Aboriginal Land Council established the Yarpa Indigenous Business and Employment Hub (Yarpa Hub).


The Yarpa Hub is helping build a strong, diverse and self-supporting Indigenous business sector that will empower Indigenous people and place Indigenous business owners and their communities in the driver’s seat of their economic future.


The Yarpa Hub is a one-stop-shop for Indigenous businesses, entrepreneurs and job seekers to build relationships and connect Indigenous people to business and employment opportunities across NSW. Yarpa’s clients receive a single point of contact via their Hub Coaches to discuss their business needs and build a clear path towards their business or employment goals.


The Yarpa Hub also supports buyers wishing to engage Indigenous businesses or jobseekers in their supply chain to allow them to meet their procurement and/or employment targets.


Yarpa were finding the original solution they employed had limitations for their growing service offering and requirements. 


There were challenges to manage reporting from the existing data management system as well as a requirement moving forward for multiple users to be able to collect data, manage clients and produce reports.


The forward facing website had multiple limitations on page layout and design, updating processes and 3rd party connectivity such as social sharing functionality. 


The solution:

Yarpa Hub approached NGNY to assist in the development of a website and integrated Dynamic 365 solution which could capture stakeholder engagements that commenced from the website. Additionally, the Dynamics solution also supports data capture through other pathways of stakeholder enquiries and ensures that information about a particular stakeholder is captured in a manner that centralises their data and profile in a centralised and easier to manage way.


The key deliverables of this project:
  • Website as a starting point for users to learn about the services on offer, interact and register their interest
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business & Employment with SharePoint integration
  • Business Hub for application & member assessment 
  • Member Portal for profiles, bookings, jobs & events 
  • Integrated MailerLite email marketing and Survey Monkey survey management
  • 20 users 
  • 48 days project duration