Benefits of Using Twitter for Digital Marketing

While Twitter may not be the best social media platform for digital marketing, it has its strengths because it’s fast-paced but you get your money’s worth. However, it requires a lot of engagement to keep it afloat.  In this article, we will share the main benefits of using twitter for your digital marketing initiatives.

  1. If it’s trending, then you made a positive move. 

This is what we call following the trend. Twitter was the trailblazer of hashtags and made sure that one is up to date with happenings from around the globe. In fact, other social media platforms like facebook and instagram are utilising the hashtags as well in an effort to match Twitter’s trend. Why do we need to ride in on the trend? This is very helpful for business owners because you can instantly see what’s hot and what’s not so you can adjust your focus accordingly. This way, you can be able to identify trends and analyse them to better curate what your ads should look like. Showing them to prospective clients must be the real deal. Remember, this is only the beginning. Having easy access to current trends gives you the power to really take control of your message, and Twitter is the platform to give you that access.

  1. Twitter gives you a fast ticket to instant engagement.

Because the world doesn’t run out of news from entertainment to climate change, Twitter is essentially designed for engagement. Its goal is to capture what’s happening in the moment. The more engagement there is on a platform, the more likely you are to get potential customers engaging with your advertising. With organic marketing efforts in place which allow  users to interact directly with your brands, you sure are on the right track for your marketing initiatives. This is very helpful because you get instant feedback. Where you’re good at that needs to be praised and where you lack that needs to be improved on. Feedback, real-time feedback are our fuel to fine-tune your strategy to get more engagement in real time instead of after months of analysis and reworking.

  1. Twitter advertising is cost efficient.

Whether you’re experienced in digital marketing or still testing the waters, Twitter is best for you. On twitter, you only pay for promotions once your target is achieved.  This is extremely helpful if you want to create buzz about your brand. Whether your goal is website conversions or Twitter engagement, you only pay when people take that action. This means that any additional organic impressions and engagements are free bonuses. Basically what’s in it for you is that, if you run an app install campaign, you only pay for the number of successful app instals. If you run a followers campaign, you only pay for the number of people who hit the Follow button and start following your account.

If we try to compare and look closely at this to LinkedIn, for example, which doesn’t offer any pay-for-performance advertising options. Facebook does offer pay-for-performance but Twitter can be far superior for lead generation.

  1. Position your brand to be creative and stand-out from the others.

In advertising, a marketer must answer the question. What’s so special about our brand? Your brand must shout your personality. What you truly believe and what your track record is. That includes what you are willing to offer to your consumers both existing and prospective. Twitter is a superb platform for this, since the increased engagement and limited characters make it perfect for crafting catchy taglines that would entice your followers to keep an eye on your brand. Map out the personality you would want your brand to be known for before you actively start your marketing campaign. Think of witty hashtags that can make you stand-out. A lot of thought went into developing the brand personalities for those companies everyone now follows on social media, and trying to jump in without a plan fully in place could make your brand message seem disjointed or unorganised which we don’t want to happen at early stages in our launch.

How do I get started on Twitter Advertising?

Now that we’ve discussed the major benefits of twitter advertising, the question is, how do i start? The great thing about this is that Twitter does not require a minimum ceiling on payment for advertisements. If you’re still testing the waters and want to avoid massive commitment, then Twitter is the best place for you to kick start making your brand known.

First, you can explore your options for paid advertising on the platform. You don’t need to worry about destroying your budget because Twitter’s ad rates are reasonable. In fact, they allow you to manage your entire campaign the way you want to, giving you access to paid tweet promotions, more followers and a variety of options to encourage click-throughs to websites or app installations of your choosing. 

On the other hand, aside from paid ads, you can utilise organic marketing by creating accounts for the brands you are promoting and engage with Twitter. A helpful tip we can share is that you need to hire a dedicated social media manager who will handle and curate all the content. Someone who is adept and fast in responding because again as previously mentioned in this article, everything on Twitter is fast-paced. The faster you engage, the faster it becomes trending and exposure to twitter users could mean driving traffic to your leads. Indeed, there’s no substitute for preparation and combining paid ads with a comprehensive communication plan of engagement for organic feedback will greatly position your business to a good start on utilising Twitter as a digital marketing platform.

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