Benefits of having FAQs on your website

It is undeniable that digital marketing has redefined the way of doing business nowadays. Investing for a good website developer carries with it the challenge of providing great content to communicate your brand to potential customers. While the website contains different headings describing the services or products a business offers, some businesses tend to undermine the value of putting up comprehensive Frequently-Asked- Questions (FAQs). This section of a website could impact the success or failure of a business based on how a business leverages its opportunity to establish robust FAQs that fit within business processes and workflows. 

At NGNY, we have come to learn the importance of having a growing set of FAQs on our website so visitors can get answers to the most commonly asked questions easily. But we also know that we don’t have answers to all the possible questions that could get asked, so we will develop our FAQs to be dynamic and grow in nature.

Here are some of the benefits of having a comprehensive FAQs section and how it can improve your brand.

1.   Helps in navigating your site.

A good FAQ section should look like a repository of questions with straightforward yet candid answers which should be ideally categorized. Most of the answers on your FAQ page probably already exist elsewhere on your site and thoroughly explained.

Your site menus will probably be the first ones visitors will use in navigating your site but a comprehensive FAQ can serve as a gateway in knowing the important facts regarding your brand or business.  A tip for your FAQs section is to provide links in the answers to help visitors be redirected to the main section of your website which exhaustively discusses the product, service or process. This strategy is very helpful as it boosts your internal link-building- an important search ranking factor.

2.   Saves you money on customer service.

A concise and comprehensive FAQ section can save you from directly addressing inquiries from potential customers which greatly consumes resources like time, effort and money. Visitors can get the answers they need just by clicking the FAQs and browsing through them. However, this does not preclude visitors to ask complex questions not found on the FAQs which may be done via the “contact us” section of your website. The beauty of FAQ’s on your website is that they can continue to evolve and grow to the point where they can become recognised as an easy to use and search knowledge base. The goal is to understand the questions that your customers are asking you and adding these into your FAQs so visitors can view them or so you can respond to enquiries by simply copying the text in the FAQ, instead of having to write the same answer repeatedly to multiple enquiries.

3.   Establishes your brand reputation.

In this digital age where almost everything can be easily accessed online with just one click, website visitors don’t have all the time in the world to have a tour on your website and perhaps ready everything. Hence, finding the FAQ section could mean visitors having a crash course about your products, service and your brand- what sets you apart from everyone else. A helpful tip is to make your FAQ section representative of what you want to be known for. This can be exhibited by subtly incorporating it in your answers such as your core values, history, or track record in the business or organization. Be careful not to sound too showy or bragging.  The choice of words matters here so as not to mislead customers.

4.   Connects you with customers.

Picking up from the previous item, the way we phrase our answers matters because it helps in making your brand connect with customers. Thoroughly reviewing your content to sound more customer-friendly without having to pitch the selling so much matters the most. In other words, you don’t have to rub it in the customers’ faces as a beautifully curated FAQs and website will have to do the work. Having a comprehensive and inclusive FAQ section is a clear manifestation that as a business you are dedicated in providing solutions to their varying needs. Not only does this contemplate a one-time transaction but rather it should be prospective which goes a long way towards creating a trustworthy brand.

5.   Allows you to serve your audience better.

By coming up with an FAQ list, it translates to being pro-customer and gives them the impression that your business prioritises in knowing the needs of their customers.  It doesn’t end there though, the main objective is to provide concrete answers which is a win-win situation for both the business owner and the customer who seeks the answer. It is business working backwards without having to do an actual sales pitch but enticing the viewer to buy your product or engage your services.

Where to get started with your FAQ’s:

Your goal here is to make it really easy for visitors to your website to understand your business and products or services and avoiding them having to sift through pages of text just to know how you can help them.


Initially, it is important to develop or imagine different persona’s within your business and when they visit your website, what types of things do you think that they would ask and want answers to?

Develop these personas, or persona stories, based on the different journeys and points within those journeys that a visitor may be. This gives you the opportunity to empathize with your website visitors.

Spreadsheeting your questions:

To get started, create a list of questions in a spreadsheet. Initially, these may be all jumbled up based on a ‘brain dump’ but then it is important to create structure and prioritisation around the ordering of the FAQ’s.

Adding in your answers:

Commence writing your answers to your questions in a simple to understand structure and approach.

Add and grow your FAQs ongoing:

As your business grows it is important that your FAQs also grow too. Continue to add to this list and also add the questions that your customers ask you into this FAQs list.

Most importantly, just get started and you will be able to navigate your way.
Check out our FAQ’s for some inspiration:

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