Tribal Warrior Aboriginal Corporation

About Tribal Warrior:

Tribal Warrior is a not-for-profit community organisation initiated and directed by Aboriginal people with Aboriginal Elders with a view to spread and vitalise Aboriginal culture, and to provide economic and social stability.


The Corporation provides quality training for employment skills, and extends everyday practical assistance by distributing food and groceries to struggling families.

The Management Committee of the Corporation includes grass roots Aboriginal people from various areas, and respected Elders.


The Tribal Warrior Aboriginal Corporation uses the gaff-rigged ketch Tribal Warrior and the Mari Nawi to train Aboriginal people to attain their Master Class V commercial maritime certificate and other qualifications including Radar certificate, and Marine Engineer certificate.


Tribal Warrior exists to empower disadvantaged Aboriginal and non-indigenous people – encouraging them to become self-sufficient by providing specialised training programs leading to employment opportunities in the maritime industries.


Tribal Warrior is a 20 year old organisation and is currently undertaking a process of change management to enhance their service offering and drive the business into the next 20 years using technology solutions and data to drive on-going growth.


As an organisation who is supported through government funding and partnerships to deliver services there are major reporting requirements to ensure programs are delivered and funding continues. The reporting processes are currently cumbersome and time consuming and this is a major focus.


Their mentor team who work directly with their clients were also finding it challenging to see where they fit in with the outcomes and how the processes they follow and the data they are collecting is being used.


The solution:

Tribal Warrior approached NGNY to assist in delivering a solution that would centralise their program delivery processes, enhance reporting and improve their mentor engagement through visualisation tools, auto prompts and greater transparency on client progress.


The key deliverables of this project:
  • Custom program workflow process that track individuals within their different programs.
  • Enhanced reporting capability 
  • Dashboards for mentors to easily view their clients, client progress, obstacles and upcoming requirements
  • 15 users 
  • 48 days project duration