About IndigenousX:

IndigenousX was founded by Luke Pearson in 2012 and is a rotating Twitter account with more than 18,000 followers. Each week the IndigenousX twitter account is hosted by a different Indigenous person.

There has been over 140 Indigenous hosts who have shared thousands of stories, facts, reports, pictures, and laughs with an ever increasing audience. It has raised awareness of countless issues, programs, stories, perspectives and organisations, amongst a myriad of other insights.
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  • Website
  • Website & Email hosting

NGNY was tasked to build a website that could contain profiles of all previous and future hosts and become a central access point for all information relating to IndigenousX.

One of the main focuses was building a platform for IndigenousX that would allow for long-term expansion. These areas included eCommerce, custom user profiles & forum facilities.